Benefits for Vanpool Alliance Providers

We’re always excited to welcome new vanpool operators to Vanpool Alliance. As a participating member of our team, you’ll help the future of vanpooling by collecting and reporting important data to us. In return, you can enjoy all these benefits:

Provider Benefit # 1 The Vanpool Alliance seal of approval
By associating your vanpool with us, riders will trust you more readily, knowing you’ve met our safety, maintenance and insurance requirements.
Provider Benefit # 2 Valuable support from the Vanpool Alliance program
When you have questions, concerns or ideas you’d like feedback on, program administrators and fellow drivers will be ready and willing to talk to you.
Provider Benefit # 3 Free marketing materials to help you recruit new riders
Professionally designed posters, brochures, flyers, magnets and other branded materials make it simple to get the word out about your vanpool.
Provider Benefit # 4 Inclusion in our Vanpool Finder so new riders can find you
Keeping your seats full is easier with access to our database of local commuters who are actively looking to catch a ride.
Provider Benefit # 5 $200 a month
Use this money to lower your own costs, or to give each of your riders a discount – the choice, and the cash, are yours!