Commuter Choice Program by NVTC

Increase your incentive payment and get money for your parking costs!

Vanpool Alliance is pleased to introduce three supplementary incentives that are available for select new applications. These supplementary incentives are available through grant funding from the Commuter Choice program which invests toll revenues along two expressway corridors, I-66 and I-395.


For vanpools traveling along I-66, there is one supplementary incentive available. You can receive up to $200 towards demonstrated parking costs.


For vanpools traveling along I-395, there are two supplementary incentives available. First, you can receive an additional $400 over the base payment for a total of $700 per month. Second, you can receive up to $200 towards demonstrated parking costs. These two incentives can be combined, if applicable.

Not all applications will qualify for these supplementary incentives. The requirements are:

  • The vanpool must comply with all basic guidelines included in our Participation Agreement.
  • The vanpool must traverse a portion of the appropriate expressway corridor and provide proof of monthly parking costs, if applicable.
  • The vanpool roster must be comprised of at least 50% of riders who have not been in a vanpool registered with Vanpool Alliance for the past 90 days.
  • The vanpool must not be participating (or have previously participated) with another regional vanpool data collection incentive program.

To learn more about Commuter Choice, please contact us.