What We Do

We are a public-private partnership formed to support vanpooling in Northern Virginia.

Our mission is to promote and support vanpooling and serve as a resource for riders and providers. Our goal is to create a better commuting experience for riders while reducing traffic congestion and air pollution in our community.

Joe Stainsby
Joe Stainsby, Program Manager

Joe is the Vanpool Alliance Program Manager. Previously Joe worked for VPSI, a national vanpool operator, in many capacities including as the DC area manager. Joe holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Social Anthropology from Brunel University London.

Bonnie Doherty
Bonnie Doherty, Senior Vanpool Program Associate

Bonnie is the Senior Vanpool Program Associate. She previously was a federal contractor assisting Verizon’s business customers at Fort Belvoir. Bonnie graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, with a major in music and a minor in theater. In addition, she earned a Professional Writing Certificate from Northern Virginia Community College.

Denise Copeland
Denise Copeland, Vanpool Program Associate

Denise is the Vanpool Program Associate. Prior to Vanpool Alliance she worked as a Quality Assurance Monitor for OmniRide, and prior to that as an Operations Supervisor for First Transit.